Single Family

The largest portion of our neighborhood is composed of single family homes.  This is the heart of the Ellendale Farm Neighborhood.  Over the 15 years that Ellendale Farm has been adding new members to the neighborhood, the greatest portion of new neighbors has come in the form of single family residents.  Over two hundred homes have been built in the subdivision since the first day we offered lots open for sale.  Since that day, we have seen a tremendous diversity of architecture, stories, builders, construction professionals, and unique new community members join the fabric that has made the Ellendale Farm Neighborhood the greatest place to call home in the Greater Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area.  A Neighborhood is only as unique as the pieces that make up the greater whole.  We know that the thread that ties our Communities together is the 15 years we have added new single family home members to our neighborhood, and we know that the years to come the continued addition of these same homes and members will only enhance and further proving that our Neighborhood is the most desired in the area.

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