Additional Communities of Our Neighborhood

Single Family Homes

The largest portion of our neighborhood is composed of single family homes. This is the heart of the Ellendale Farm Neighborhood.Over the 15 years that Ellendale Farm has been adding new members to the neighborhood,... Read More >>

The Estates of Ellendale Farm

Ellendale Farm has been defined in many ways by the unique character of the land that it has been built upon. In the community, there are two expansive groves of mature oak and hickory trees... Read More >>

The Homestead of Ellendale Farm

The Homestead is an area of Ellendale Farm that we developed to bring as much of the nostalgia of early to mid 20th century America architecture and community to the greater Ellendale Farm Neighborhood... Read More >>

The Highlands of Ellendale Farm

The Highlands of Ellendale Farm is a brand new addition to the Ellendale Neighborhood. Staying consistent with the atmosphere of the neighborhood,... Read More >>

The Old Town Village of Ellendale Farm

We have recently introduced the latest lifestyle orientated townhomes to the Ellendale Farm neighborhood. The Old Town Village of Ellendale Farm has been designed with particular detail... Read More >>

The Townhomes of Ellendale Farm

In the past ten years only two of the Williamsburg Townhomes at Ellendale Farm have resold, making them the most sought after products we have ever built. Seeing that these homes had made such an amazing impact on the neighborhood,... Read More >>

Ellendale Farm communities of distinction.

There are truly few places where an old fashioned block party can be found anymore. Ellendale Farm is a place where every year you will find two or three streets completely shut down on the Fourth of July and the community comes together to celebrate the holiday. With rows of tables laden with watermelon, potato salad and the hamburgers from the grill, it is a picture of a time forgotten. There have even been parties where live music was present to celebrate the night with neighbors. This is a distinct feature of the community of Ellendale Farm. The community has grown into a neighborhood where you know not only those that live on your street but those that are dispersed on all streets.

Aside from the active block parties, you will find gatherings planned at many of the neighborhood parks. You may even see on a sunny Spring day a wedding party taking photos at one of the many beautiful neighborhood features like our Gazebo Park.

Ellendale is a place where families have come to find that it’s not only about the home you live in but the homes and families that surround your family that make the distinction between home and community. With so many options as to where to create your perfect home, few offer a more perfect and welcoming place than the communities of Ellendale Farm

Ellendale Farm has a distinctly nostalgic feeling to its atmosphere. Aside from the community that has grown here and in many ways acts as a neighborhood reminiscent of the picturesque communities of the past, there is a very close tie to the history of Crown Point itself. The land had been part of the Davis Farm who was one of the original Crown Point families. Many of the streets in the neighborhood are named in honor of that history, and even the name Ellendale has its roots with that family history.

Tying further the connection to Crown Point’s history, our neighborhood is of course within such closeness to the two greatest features of Crown Point, the Historic Square and of course directly east is the Lake County Fair Grounds. Finding a community where you can walk to the two features that define Crown Point and its strong connection to the past and the preservation of small town America, makes the Ellendale communities not only an amazing place to live and raise a family but a neighborhood that is not so far separated from the things that make Crown Point, Crown Point.

Ellendale Farm sets itself above all other local neighborhoods in its foundation as a true community by bringing together, its history, location, parks and amenities, distinct architecture, and the people who live and socialize here. But an underlying theme that makes our community so viable and dynamic is the mixture of homes and housing options. Looking at the map of the neighborhood, you can see that no road is ever straight and that all roads lead to distinct areas some of which are traditional family homes and others that are life style townhomes. You even find a great deal of diversity in our traditional family homes as some areas are designed for an estate lifestyle and others provide for families building their first home. By having members of the Ellendale communities in so many phases of their lives, you find a neighborhood that is truly distinct and dynamic. The whole of Ellendale Farm is enhanced by the combination of the communities of distinction that make it the most desired neighborhood to be part of in the area.

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